Just Stewing

Midday rants

Do you ever feel sometimes like your life doesn’t belong to you? Like someone else is pulling the strings. If you do, then maybe you’ll understand how I feel right now. Having your life literally controlled by someone else whom you don’t remember giving permission to do so probably doesn’t sound serious unless you are experiencing it. It could be a parent. Or a boss.

Whichever it is, there comes a time, or a day when you get like “I’ve had enough of this” and decide it was time for some things to change. But then you find out you don’t really know what to do or even if you do, you don’t think you can go through with it. The latter is usually the case. Whether it’s moving out of your parent’s or partner’s house or quitting your job, it isn’t an easy decision.

But I think we can usually do whatever we put our mind to if we ignore that negative voice telling us to leave things the way they were. Well, I’m not going to sit on my butt and complain and moan about the unfairness of life any longer. What I’m going to do is get up and rearrange my life and probably those in it too. I may succeed. I may not. But I think that in retrospect what would matter would be that I did something.


7 thoughts on “Midday rants

  1. I encourage you to try your utmost. The alternative is inner death. You who crave something greater in your life, despite social circumstances, despite that negative interject MUST reach for it. No one ever said freedom was easy.

    I hope you make the jump for yourself and become so much more.

  2. I personally have just discovered that we can do anything we REALLY want to do…and even if we think we are getting nowhere – out of the blue…something beautifully unexpected happens – GO FOR it – (but be gentle on yourself and others 😉 )

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